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Astoalla is a semi-realistic feline rpg! We focus on a friendly and fair community. We offer a variety of felines to create as well as over 40 places for roleplaying. Come chat with us!

Rank Site In Out
11 43

a brand new canine roleplay where you can rp as a zombie,ghost or even vampire dog! come check us out
11 13

A semi-realistic canine survival site with an emphasis on character development and based around a rampant virus and lack of resources as the plot driving point.
10 0

brand new feral canine rp-come start your own pack
Beautiful Creatures v2
10 11

Beautiful Creatures is a newly revived 50-word post minimum semi-realistic roleplay that's based on multiple species that roam the lands of Patria. Come check us out!
10 19

Gossamer is a fantasy equine role play that hinges on a moderately stygian theme.
Animal Within
9 206

In a post apocalyptic world, will you be able to survive when the animal within demands freedom?
Mendoze V2
9 253
Divided. Leaderless. Two packs are all that are left of an Empire and the forest animals are taking advantage of it.
When Wolves Become One
9 35

Semi-realistic wolf RP located in Alaska.
9 7

The world was created from Fire and Ice, Mother Nature and Father Time, but what happens when more gods appear and more elements emerge? 150 word post count literate-semiliterate. Wolves, foxes, dogs
8 69

Dominus is a play-by-post, elemental, liquid time, present day, post-apocalyptic wolf roleplay. As a unique, friendly wolf roleplay, we have nearly everything... except you!
In the Midnight Hour
7 326

In the year 2012, things have taken a turn. After a viral outbreak from our own government wiped out humans world wide, the canines had now become the ruling species. But, in a mechanical malfunction, a nuclear war head was released from a military base,
7 191
They came from the heavens like shooting stars, Gods of an ancient and powerful race, we hoped they were benevolent. Aw struck by their pale beauty, their courtly airs and supremacy over the dragons.
5 104

Wyldernis is a play-by-post role-playing game, based in an alternate world where wolves are the dominant species and humans never existed.
Starry States
4 4

Starry States is a sandbox political, geopolitical, economic, adventure and fantasy animal RPG.

Players play their country and the stories within, individual stories make up their countries.
The Nameless Isle
3 0

The Nameless Isle is a new fantasy roleplay accepting human, animal, and spirit characters. We pride ourselves on true character customization and creativity. Low word count.
2 99

Have you ever wanted to enter the world of Watership Down? Well, want no more. Driven was inspired by the movie/book/series Watership Down. Join, choose from one of six warrens, and pick your side. How will you leave your mark on the war.
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